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In creative collaboration with the most original writers working in drama and comedy, Lost Eye Entertainment are developing bold, irreverent, imaginative stories for UK broadcasters and Film audiences worldwide.

Brown bread

Comedy: TV Series

A comedy series about two chalk and cheese characters (Alfie & Sophia) that become unlikely allies in righting the wrongs of the past. He may be dead, but she’s the one who needs to get a life.

Black Comedy: Feature Film

A dramatic and dark comedy based on the true stories of women who have found themselves wading through the thick, chaotic and often desperate world of singledom.

Virtually Dead

Comedy Drama: TV Series

A comedy-drama about your gran and grandad versus zombies (not real ones). A group of OAPs who’ve survived hip-replacements and Poll Tax must now button-bash their way to a gaming championship.

Just Crawl

Survival Horror: Feature Film

A film about two mortally wounded women who must make it to the top of a hill to survive - but the real danger is closer than either of them could imagine.

The Kindling

Horror: TV Series

A speculative fiction/horror series where all episodes take place over one night beside a campfire. All 6 characters have their own horror story to share - all 6 characters are in one, but have no idea.

Mr Bingo

 Period Drama: TV Series

A 1960's mixed-race family create the UK Bingo boom - with ramifications that explode from back-room to courtroom.